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Kulcurna Moments


Life is crammed with ‘moments’ which make a day worthwhile –

moments’  of the deeper sort, or ones which bring a smile .

If you read a little further, I’ll share this one of mine –

Just now when hanging washing, the view was more than fine !

A restless flycatcher , with his ‘scissor grinder’  tune

Was perched upon the garden fence – his backdrop was the moon!

Raggle taggle bushes are where flowers used to grow ,

But here is where the Wrens all feed, hopping to and fro.

With curvy spines and orange eyes, emus come to drink ,

And into the bathtub trough nearby , their thirsty beaks will sink.

Enjoying sunshine  is a ‘roo – a grey one , looking calm

He scratches ribs, and yawns  and then, he nibbles one small arm ..

Thanks for reading down this far – I hope you share a grin ;

I hope your day has many such, to fill the life you’re in .


Walking Moments

Winter dampness with a brisk and raindrop- speckled breeze. Moss and all manner of new plants making a green mosaic. Overhead but low ,skim three wedge tails , while watching curiously from cover is a mob of five kangaroos. About ten emus appear on the hill as they feed voraciously on plants and sprouted seeds. Corellas delight in the cool and air movement, filling trees with noise!
Sometimes, it’s the moments !

A warm drink, and a storyteller

This may be a little out dated , but really, the story  goes on …

      click here   –   Bushdrover

It all sounds better when you are in a circle of friends around a crackling fire , warming  your toes , and sharing smiles

Kulcurna in Winter

Euro , Late Afternoontn_Crisp and cold nights, with endless stars in a dark clean sky curtain ..

Fog along the riverbank , dewy spiderwebs  and pelicans .

Flames from the firebucket sharing with  you  a warm circle of orange light  and a scent of eucalyptus .

Feather doonas  keeping the cold out all night

Birds and animals seeking sunny spots  to absorb some warmth

Sunny afternoons , new blossoms on wattles ,and interesting fungi popping up on the lawn .June 12 iphone 007_editedtn_ June 17 008tn_ June 4 macro 021_editedtn_

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