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belinda (binjy) has just created a new little book šŸ™‚

This one is calledĀ  “Look Closer” , This littleĀ  book is a collection of some of her favouriteĀ  photos of small and usually insignificantĀ  subjects .

“Life in Macro”, an earlierĀ  photo book ,Ā  is full of glimpses inside the lives of insects …Ā  photos taken in their environment .

A Serendipitous Find

This morning I found a wonderful blog , with much detailed description of a Murray Journey. Kulcurna is also mentioned , and so I am including the URL :

Nesting Time !

Nesting Time !

With so many birds setting up huse and raising young, predators, such as WedgeTailed eagles are very unwelcome.
Here I caught a raven and magpie joining forces to chase off one of a pair of Wedgetails .

There is wonder everywhere

There is wonder everywhere

meet “Joseph”.

Joseph is a Bearded Dragon ..and his territory is alongside our house.
Bearded Dragons change colours during breeding , and to show their mood.
They are mostly a greyish/brown ..but when aroused develop bright ,’hot’ colours!
These photos were snapped in a 10 minute interval ..showing the gradual colour changes …

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