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It’s That time of the year again….

It's That time  of the year again....

When one of Kulcurna’s favourite family groups calls us home for a couple of nights.
As their Summer Holiday getaway,they enjoy an outing which consists of skiing the Murray’s best stretches – doing an approximate 600 km round trip between Berri , SA and Wentworth ,NSW .

Bushfire beauty

Bushfire beauty

Over this past week, with temperatures hovering around 45 deg C there have been thunderstorms .Bushfires were started in many parts of the country , including the area to our West .
This is a sky view taken on 17 th January ..looking at the smoke cloud from a large fire near Renmark,South Australia.

I wonder….

I wonder....

What comes out that hole ? The Boss said something about Exhaust ? Isn’t that being tired??

Paddlin’ down the River…..on a sunny afternoon ….

Paddlin' down the River.....on a sunny afternoon ....

Angelo and Nugget on their way from Wentworth to Renmark. This is a shorter trip for these two , having kayaked down some of the longest waterways in the Murray Darling catchment area over the past few years .

Angelo and Nugget

Angelo and Nugget

Veteran kayakers, the captain & first mate called in to top up their rainwater cask , and let the first mate check out the landscape 🙂

Afternoon Tea with friends

Afternoon Tea with friends

Sometimes friends drop by to share …..

these are Apostle Birds (Struthidea) who live in noisy, companionable family groups . They eat seeds and insects and are opportunistic 🙂

It’s a New Year

It's a  New Year

We hope that this year brings you satisfaction, a sense of accomplishment , and happiness .

Here’s looking at you

Here's looking at you

When are you coming to look at me?
Visitors with curiosity in the eyes, questions in their minds, and cameras in their hands are most welcome 🙂

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