Seems to be Summer!

The river level is dropping , goannas , snakes , shingleback lizards and bearded dragons are defending territory and seeking food. Whistling Kites are raising babies , and the red earth is  showing thru a sparse covering of dry grass.

Luckily , the homestead has lawn & trees  which stay green – although in this weather  kangaroos & euros converge to eat the greenery so kindly provided!

Wrens are one of the bird species who enjoy the coolness of sprinklers and the few mozzies which have appeared . Cormorants and pelicans are busy fishing – brightly coloured  dragonflies fight fiercely , and there are humans on wake-boards enjoying the water !

2014-10-22 Oct 22 012 (800x532) 2014-10-27 Oct 27 012 (800x530) 2014-10-28 Oct 28 012 (800x450) 2014-11-19 November 19  Upriver 036_edited (1024x681) RedDragonfly   Nov 19 (1024x681)

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  1. Love your seasonal report.

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