ANZAC 2015 collage

iPhone panorama of ANZAC morning at kulcurna

As happens each April 25 , a diverse group gathered in the darkness, huddled around the fire- bucket , and wrapped in coats, scarves & beanies .

While the sun rose on a grey , cold morning , we listened to the order of service , watched as the flag was lowered, and reflected as the notes of the Last Post echoed around the cliffs .

ANZAC – a Dawn Service on the old wharf at Kulcurna  is a very special time .It brings together family, friends and people from many different parts of Australia .

We share in giving respect to those involved in war , we place rosemary sprigs in the fire, hold candles, and lay wreaths .

We study the Cal Lal Honour roll, and note names we know . We marvel at just how many young people responded when they were called – people from properties and homesteads …people who had strength and an innocence .

This year we accepted with much gratitude the gift of a hand- knitted poppy wreath , and the professionally made  fresh native flower wreath .

Along with the saddle& blanket , circa WW1, this morning saw the placement of .303 rifles , and a beautiful new mount for the honour roll plaques . The mount was made from Murray Pine – and was once part of a wall in a late 1800’s police station locally . Our Dad, Hans Hansen,made it  with help from the Renmark Woodworkers . many thanks  for all the effort!

Breakfast this year was made better by the help of many hands – and we thank those who cleaned, acted as fetch&carry folk, & the makers-of-many toast slices!

ANZAC morning here is always a very special time .

Thank you to all who shared with us – it’s you who help make it special 🙂

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  1. A most memorable and moving morning – well done again and thank you for your hard work.


  2. Moving moments


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