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Kulcurna is a homestead on the Murray’s banks – a homestead built in the days when Paddle Steamers  collected freight and passengers off the wharf, and when the Murray provided  a link to towns and Cities .

Kulcurna is part of the  landscape here, on this bend guarded by tall red sandstone cliffs .

Kulcurna  Homestead  can be  a peaceful retreat  for visitors , a base from which to explore the nearby National Parks , Historic sites , and from which to observe and enjoy  the abundant and varied species of birds  which call this spot ‘home’.


panoramic view of Kulcurna homestead and Lindsay Cliffs

panoramic view of Kulcurna homestead and Lindsay Cliffs

With cameras and paintbrushes  in hand, those fascinated by Nature  will find many creative  opportunities  at Kulcurna  .

Inquisitive  .tn_

Blue Wren on rusty wire-

 The Old Shed

The following link goes to a transcript of the “postcards” TV show .

   “visit to KULCURNA”

They were on board the  “Spirit of The Murray”, based at Goolwa, South Australia.

  1. Thank you for visiting … We hope you find this interesting and entertaining , and that it inspires you to come see for yourself :)

    Kulcurna Homestead is a NO GUNS, DOGS or MOTORCYCLES/BUGGIES area – we love our wildlife and the quiet :)



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