In times of Drought  Euros and kangaroos lose their timidness and  seek food around houses, rubbish heaps , etc .
These were seen close to a neighbouring house, a little away  from the river

Euro portrait may 2 2018_

Euros frequent the area , and are gentle- looking , attractive and sturdily built.

Emus, seen here feeding on seeds left on the drought-affected ground are always an interesting sight.

Echidna side view diggingtn_Echidna 

2-Goanna front claws

These are Rainbow Bee eaters ..MEROPS ORNATUS    . These little birds  nest in long, deep burrows, where it is cool and mostly secure.These birds hunt insects on the wing, and are  beautiful to watch in flight.

In Winter , pelicans and cormorants flock to feed on schools of small Bony Bream .

Whistling Kites also take advantage of the bony bream!

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