Kulcurna, historical snippets

'Kulcurna Country ,

‘Kulcurna Country ,

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newspaper clippings sourced from   TROVE 

Historically, The district of Cal Lal  is closely connected with WW1 and WW2- many young men travelled over the seas and fought  back then.

ANZAC 2020 3

The area near lake Victoria , 20 km away , was used as practice grounds for various airforce  procedures , also.

The Higgins brothers, Alec and Jack  were amongst the young men who were shipped to Egypt to wage war in the sand.

Each ANZAC Day at Dawn   on the old wharf at  Kulcurna there is a gathering of people who stand under the flag , and remember the fallen, their families, and those who returned, damaged .

Seeing the dawn of ANZAC on the Murray’s banks is a special experience

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