It’s good to Gift yourself TIME , occasionally

This morning , whilst chatting to guests on the Homestead verandah , I thought just how fortunate we were.

There, just in front of us , a ‘Nature Documentary’ was playing out , in full colour and sound , with Drama, and laughs, and excitement.

Blue faced honeyeaters were competing with noisy miners , as they were feeding on nectar from Eremophila flowers. The colours were flashing by as  positions changed, and the ‘retreat, rest, return pattern’ repeated itself.

Over in the tall tree near where vehicles are parked , a female grey butcherbird was very vocal ..and the reason soon became clear , as newly mated yellow rosellas , escaping the noise, flew away from their nest hole.

As soon as the parrots had left ..butcherbird approached the hollow in the branch, perched carefully, and poked her head inside, peering around ! No doubt she was hoping for something tasty for breakfast .

A magpie pair seemed to be very busy collecting beetles & grubs from green paddocks to feed newly hatched young. Their rough stick nest swayed in the top of a spindly gum  as they flew backward & forwards.

Local characters, the ravens/crows  were busy cleaning up  some leftovers ..a quick and furtive approach , some side-to-side glances, then a lightning “Grab&Go before someone else comes” procedure!

Corellas were waddling amongst strewn leaves& twigs  heading for the logs on the water’s edge for their morning drink ..and pelicans, feathers much ruffled by strong winds, floated downstream, fishing as they went , heads and necks disappearing underwater for a few seconds as they attempted to grab a fish .


All this from the front verandah , on a Sunny Morning. 🙂

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