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ahhhhh, AUTUMN

Crisp Autumn mornings are one of the best things 🙂 002 (1024x766)

A sign of the times.

We have a new sign – no excuse to get lost now 🙂

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ANZAC 2015 collage

iPhone panorama of ANZAC morning at kulcurna

As happens each April 25 , a diverse group gathered in the darkness, huddled around the fire- bucket , and wrapped in coats, scarves & beanies .

While the sun rose on a grey , cold morning , we listened to the order of service , watched as the flag was lowered, and reflected as the notes of the Last Post echoed around the cliffs .

ANZAC – a Dawn Service on the old wharf at Kulcurna  is a very special time .It brings together family, friends and people from many different parts of Australia .

We share in giving respect to those involved in war , we place rosemary sprigs in the fire, hold candles, and lay wreaths .

We study the Cal Lal Honour roll, and note names we know . We marvel at just how many young people responded when they were called – people from properties and homesteads …people who had strength and an innocence .

This year we accepted with much gratitude the gift of a hand- knitted poppy wreath , and the professionally made  fresh native flower wreath .

Along with the saddle& blanket , circa WW1, this morning saw the placement of .303 rifles , and a beautiful new mount for the honour roll plaques . The mount was made from Murray Pine – and was once part of a wall in a late 1800’s police station locally . Our Dad, Hans Hansen,made it  with help from the Renmark Woodworkers . many thanks  for all the effort!

Breakfast this year was made better by the help of many hands – and we thank those who cleaned, acted as fetch&carry folk, & the makers-of-many toast slices!

ANZAC morning here is always a very special time .

Thank you to all who shared with us – it’s you who help make it special 🙂

Seems to be Summer!

The river level is dropping , goannas , snakes , shingleback lizards and bearded dragons are defending territory and seeking food. Whistling Kites are raising babies , and the red earth is  showing thru a sparse covering of dry grass.

Luckily , the homestead has lawn & trees  which stay green – although in this weather  kangaroos & euros converge to eat the greenery so kindly provided!

Wrens are one of the bird species who enjoy the coolness of sprinklers and the few mozzies which have appeared . Cormorants and pelicans are busy fishing – brightly coloured  dragonflies fight fiercely , and there are humans on wake-boards enjoying the water !

2014-10-22 Oct 22 012 (800x532) 2014-10-27 Oct 27 012 (800x530) 2014-10-28 Oct 28 012 (800x450) 2014-11-19 November 19  Upriver 036_edited (1024x681) RedDragonfly   Nov 19 (1024x681)

The harbinger of Summer !

meet the rainbow Bee Eater .

As their name suggests, they feed on bees, plus other flying insects, including dragonflies.

An unusual bird, they are amazing at aerobatics – but their nests are located underground at the end of a long tunnel!

Thei clear trill on a hot day is the soundtrack to our warmer months, and the flash of bronze as they wheel and hunt is a reminder of rainforests …2014-10-15 oct 15 bee eaters 002 (532x800)


We are about to be plunged into Summer heat , but while we had a gentle and damp period during Spring, it was wonderful to see flowers and colour 🙂

tn_2014-10-01 October 1  nikon spring flowers 003 tn_2014-09-27 October 1  nikon spring flowers 024 tn_2014-09-22 Sept 22 011 tn_2014-09-20 sEPT 20 flowers, don, Trouble 070 tn_2014-09-20 sEPT 20 flowers, don, Trouble 006 tn_2014-09-06 sept 6 nikon  flowers 008 tn_2014-09-06 sept 6 nikon  flowers 005

Lilies of the Field

Lilies of the Field

this is the native Darling/Murray lily -(Crinum Flaccidum)-a wonderful lily which flowers when conditions are right – usually after a decent amount of rain. Clumps of these in greening paddocks look beautiful at any time 🙂

A wedding!

A wedding!

On April 5th , a couple chose Kulcurna as the backdrop for their wonderfully fun wedding. Please CLICK on the photo here, which will take you to some of the professional photos on Flickr. These were taken by the talented Mandi Whitten :

Light & Sound

Light & Sound

CLICK on the photo to watch and hear a snippet of  KULCURNA’s  ANZAC – featuring the LAST POST played live .

Lest We Forget

Lest We Forget

ANZAC morning at Kulcurna is always a special time . This year the sounds of the Last Post cam from a real instrument , not a recording – and drifted across the water to greet the sun.
Around 80 people shared the service ,and breakfast afterward.
There were babies at their first ANZAC , people who well remembered WW2 and those who had served in Vietnam.

It’s happening ….

The nights are cooler, and the air is crisp.
there is even DEW collecting on old tin rooftops.
Autumn is making slight overtures 🙂

It’s That time of the year again….

It's That time  of the year again....

When one of Kulcurna’s favourite family groups calls us home for a couple of nights.
As their Summer Holiday getaway,they enjoy an outing which consists of skiing the Murray’s best stretches – doing an approximate 600 km round trip between Berri , SA and Wentworth ,NSW .

Bushfire beauty

Bushfire beauty

Over this past week, with temperatures hovering around 45 deg C there have been thunderstorms .Bushfires were started in many parts of the country , including the area to our West .
This is a sky view taken on 17 th January ..looking at the smoke cloud from a large fire near Renmark,South Australia.

I wonder….

I wonder....

What comes out that hole ? The Boss said something about Exhaust ? Isn’t that being tired??

Paddlin’ down the River…..on a sunny afternoon ….

Paddlin' down the River.....on a sunny afternoon ....

Angelo and Nugget on their way from Wentworth to Renmark. This is a shorter trip for these two , having kayaked down some of the longest waterways in the Murray Darling catchment area over the past few years .

Angelo and Nugget

Angelo and Nugget

Veteran kayakers, the captain & first mate called in to top up their rainwater cask , and let the first mate check out the landscape 🙂

Afternoon Tea with friends

Afternoon Tea with friends

Sometimes friends drop by to share …..

these are Apostle Birds (Struthidea) who live in noisy, companionable family groups . They eat seeds and insects and are opportunistic 🙂

It’s a New Year

It's a  New Year

We hope that this year brings you satisfaction, a sense of accomplishment , and happiness .

Here’s looking at you

Here's looking at you

When are you coming to look at me?
Visitors with curiosity in the eyes, questions in their minds, and cameras in their hands are most welcome 🙂

belinda (binjy) has just created a new little book 🙂

This one is called  “Look Closer” , This little  book is a collection of some of her favourite  photos of small and usually insignificant  subjects .

“Life in Macro”, an earlier  photo book ,  is full of glimpses inside the lives of insects …  photos taken in their environment .

A Serendipitous Find

This morning I found a wonderful blog , with much detailed description of a Murray Journey. Kulcurna is also mentioned , and so I am including the URL :

Nesting Time !

Nesting Time !

With so many birds setting up huse and raising young, predators, such as WedgeTailed eagles are very unwelcome.
Here I caught a raven and magpie joining forces to chase off one of a pair of Wedgetails .

There is wonder everywhere

There is wonder everywhere

meet “Joseph”.

Joseph is a Bearded Dragon ..and his territory is alongside our house.
Bearded Dragons change colours during breeding , and to show their mood.
They are mostly a greyish/brown ..but when aroused develop bright ,’hot’ colours!
These photos were snapped in a 10 minute interval ..showing the gradual colour changes …

Spring at Kulcurna

Spring at Kulcurna

We are lucky this year to have had rain at the best time to allow native plants to get to flowering stage 🙂 It has been just lovely seeing the different colours and types of flowers & fruit – including the delicious quandongs !



Early Morning .. a touch of mist ,and the sun mostly being hidden by clouds. I was trying to photograph some wildflowers , when I heard a noise, and saw this little kangaroo hopping straight for me 🙂
Closer and closer she hopped , then stopped to have a long gaze and a sniff – we exchanged a ‘Good morning’ , and off she went again .

It’s good to Gift yourself TIME , occasionally

This morning , whilst chatting to guests on the Homestead verandah , I thought just how fortunate we were.

There, just in front of us , a ‘Nature Documentary’ was playing out , in full colour and sound , with Drama, and laughs, and excitement.

Blue faced honeyeaters were competing with noisy miners , as they were feeding on nectar from Eremophila flowers. The colours were flashing by as  positions changed, and the ‘retreat, rest, return pattern’ repeated itself.

Over in the tall tree near where vehicles are parked , a female grey butcherbird was very vocal ..and the reason soon became clear , as newly mated yellow rosellas , escaping the noise, flew away from their nest hole.

As soon as the parrots had left ..butcherbird approached the hollow in the branch, perched carefully, and poked her head inside, peering around ! No doubt she was hoping for something tasty for breakfast .

A magpie pair seemed to be very busy collecting beetles & grubs from green paddocks to feed newly hatched young. Their rough stick nest swayed in the top of a spindly gum  as they flew backward & forwards.

Local characters, the ravens/crows  were busy cleaning up  some leftovers ..a quick and furtive approach , some side-to-side glances, then a lightning “Grab&Go before someone else comes” procedure!

Corellas were waddling amongst strewn leaves& twigs  heading for the logs on the water’s edge for their morning drink ..and pelicans, feathers much ruffled by strong winds, floated downstream, fishing as they went , heads and necks disappearing underwater for a few seconds as they attempted to grab a fish .


All this from the front verandah , on a Sunny Morning. 🙂

Stormy Weather

Stormy Weather

provides some spectacular colours in the sky . 🙂 Great backdrop for photos !

Kulcurna Moments


Life is crammed with ‘moments’ which make a day worthwhile –

moments’  of the deeper sort, or ones which bring a smile .

If you read a little further, I’ll share this one of mine –

Just now when hanging washing, the view was more than fine !

A restless flycatcher , with his ‘scissor grinder’  tune

Was perched upon the garden fence – his backdrop was the moon!

Raggle taggle bushes are where flowers used to grow ,

But here is where the Wrens all feed, hopping to and fro.

With curvy spines and orange eyes, emus come to drink ,

And into the bathtub trough nearby , their thirsty beaks will sink.

Enjoying sunshine  is a ‘roo – a grey one , looking calm

He scratches ribs, and yawns  and then, he nibbles one small arm ..

Thanks for reading down this far – I hope you share a grin ;

I hope your day has many such, to fill the life you’re in .


Walking Moments

Winter dampness with a brisk and raindrop- speckled breeze. Moss and all manner of new plants making a green mosaic. Overhead but low ,skim three wedge tails , while watching curiously from cover is a mob of five kangaroos. About ten emus appear on the hill as they feed voraciously on plants and sprouted seeds. Corellas delight in the cool and air movement, filling trees with noise!
Sometimes, it’s the moments !

A warm drink, and a storyteller

This may be a little out dated , but really, the story  goes on …

      click here   –   Bushdrover

It all sounds better when you are in a circle of friends around a crackling fire , warming  your toes , and sharing smiles

Kulcurna in Winter

Euro , Late Afternoontn_Crisp and cold nights, with endless stars in a dark clean sky curtain ..

Fog along the riverbank , dewy spiderwebs  and pelicans .

Flames from the firebucket sharing with  you  a warm circle of orange light  and a scent of eucalyptus .

Feather doonas  keeping the cold out all night

Birds and animals seeking sunny spots  to absorb some warmth

Sunny afternoons , new blossoms on wattles ,and interesting fungi popping up on the lawn .June 12 iphone 007_editedtn_ June 17 008tn_ June 4 macro 021_editedtn_

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